10 Ways to Keep Your Vehicle Secured

A vehicle is a considerable amount of investment. Moreover, if a vehicle is stolen, it is frequently dismantled immediately and there is very less chance of getting back the whole vehicle. Most importantly the stolen vehicles are targeted by the terrorists to be used for acts of terror. Even the mafia gangs prefer to use stolen vehicles in their operations.

All these lead to enormous hassles, both legal and otherwise. Also it is not always easy to get the full insurance amount for a stolen car.

It is in best interest to you to take all the measures to keep your vehicle secured.

  1. Keep your car doors locked – The security of your vehicle is compromised even while it is running, not only when it is at rest. If there is no automatic locking available, always make it sure to lock all the four / five doors, while moving or while at rest.
  2. Do not leave your vehicle unattended – Even if the car is locked, if kept unattended, the thieves can easily compromise the security of the car, even when all the doors are locked. It is best to park your car in a busy area where there is clear visibility and is illuminated.
  3. Do not leave your car running – Even if you are going out for a minute or two to go out and get your kid, or get some grocery, do not ever leave your car running. It takes just a few seconds for the car thieves to take control of your car and leave. Always switch off the ignition while you leave the car. You might like to keep the AC on if required, provided the car battery supports it.
  4. Roll up the windows – While moving or at rest, always roll up the windows. Windows are the easiest access points for the car thieves. Even if the car is running, when the windows are rolled down, the car thieves can easily access the vehicle and compromise your security.
  5. Spare keys – Never ever leave the spare keys inside the car. It is a common practice to leave the spare keys inside the car glove box. That way you are making the lives of the thieves easy. Keep the spares at home while leaving with your car.
  6. Valuables inside the vehicle – If you are leaving valuables inside the car, specially when on display. It is sure to attract thieves and unscrupulous gangs. It is also not wise to keep valuable and important personal documents inside the car while parked.
  7. Car Keys – Never keep the car keys near the front door, near the windows or at any place on display. It is safe to keep the car keys out of plain sight normally.
  8. Immobilizer – If your car is not fitted with one, invest in an after-market immobilizer. Always make sure it’s switched on, when you leave your car.
  9. Steering wheel lock – While parking your vehicle always use the steering wheel lock, so that it becomes difficult for anyone to just push the vehicle away from the parking and access it when no one is looking.
  10. Install GPS Tracking – The GPS tracker should ideally have features to indicate reckless driving, harsh breaking and accelerations, exceeding speed limits, sudden turns, and other similar issues. These should be reported by alerts to your mobile phone, and reports can be generated. The tracking software should have alerts for unusual stoppages, diversions from routes and other important features. In addition, if the car is stolen, you have exact idea where the car is now and which way it is moving.

Last, but not the least, get a comprehensive insurance policy, in the event when the vehicle is stolen, you are adequately covered.