6 Ways Technology Can Protect Your Elderly Parents

Elderly parents are at great risk. Internal diseases like Alzheimer catch up. They frequently lose their way back home, and can altogether forget their identities. Their bone density is now very less, their muscles are weak and a sudden fall is not unnatural. It is common for them to fall down to break their bones, have severe head injuries.

You have your work, your travel, your career to take care of. It is important to invest in technologies that can protect them, and provide you complete peace of mind.

  1. Invest in a GPS tracker for the Elderly – It can be a small device they can carry with them, it can be a small wrist band too. You can exactly pinpoint where your parents are right now. Even if they lose their way, you can always find out. Even if they are indoors, through A-GPS enabled cell tower location technology you can find out where exactly they are. The device should have a large battery, so that even if they forget to charge it daily, the device continues to work. It should be small enough to carry inside the pocket.
  2. GPS tracker with SoS button – The GPS device must have an SoS button. A single click of this “Panic Button” there should be immediate information to you and your other family members where your elderly parents are, their current location on your phone. This would help you to immediately tend to the emergency.
  3. Single Click Call – The GPS tracking device you would like to provide to your elderly parents must have a single-click Call button. A single click on it should connect your elderly parents to you, or if you are not available, automatically to your next keen. Since it is an emergency situation, it is difficult for the elderly to use a smartphone to connect to you. You can talk to your parents on the emergency and provide all the help needed. A single device with these features is ideal.
  4. Fall down alert – The GPS tracking device you are providing to your elderly parents to protect them must have an “Accelerometer.” This would immediately get activated when the elderly has fallen down suddenly. An alert would be initiated, and your phone would come alive to the Emergency Alert of Sudden Fall Down. It is best to provide a single device that provides all the above features.
  5. Vitals Monitoring – A patch that measures the vital signs like temperature, heart, pulse rate, and blood pressure is extremely essential for the elderly who can’t move much. This patch would continuously send out the details through GPRS, and in case there is sudden fluctuations, or if the vitals cross a certain threshold, there would be an alert message to you, so that you can get medical help immediately.
  6. Video monitoring – When the elderly parents are confined to beds, and can’t move without help, it is best to have a video monitoring device fixed in the room they are confined to. You can fast forward the video to see if your parent is being taken care of completely to your satisfaction.

It is always advisable to have most of the features packed in to a single device, so ideally it is best to invest in a GPS tracking device for the Elderly, that has an SoS button, a call button, and an accelerometer. All these come in several devices and are an economic solution.