GPS Tracker: Geo Fencing and its Advantages

Marking locations on map can be of two types. Either it can be a point or it can be an area. If it is a point, it is called Point of Interest. If it is an area, it can be a circle, any triangle, any quadrilateral or any area of any size and is called Geo-Fence.

  • A Point of Interest or a PoI can be any point like a building, a road intersection, bus terminus, or even shop.
  • A Geo-fence is an area, which can be anything like a city, a village, a park, a stadium, a school or office campus, an airport or a market place, and even a locality.
  • A Geo-fence or a PoI is an imaginary and virtual point or an area on a map, drawn through Geographical Information System (GIS) which comes in-built in Mobile Apps and Web Applications. This includes not only the geographical coordinates of the point or the area, it also includes more detailed information about it, including the name.
  • Fleet Tracking: It’s no secret to fleet owners that geofencing is one of the most important GPS tracking features to have when it comes to keeping a watchful eye out on the . GPS tracker system provides fleets with this popular feature which can be used in many areas of your business. Most managers use geo-fences to mark off designated areas on a map, but this technology can be utilised for more than one way.
  • Container Tracking: Geo-fences to define the origination, destinations and route, one can easily get updated information about the container shipment, including alerts for entering and leaving any Geo-fence en-route.
  • Child Tracking: Using a GPS based child tracker, and having Geo-fences for home, school, park and other usually frequented places, it is easy to know in real-time whether the child is at safe location, and there can be immediate alert when the child leaves a Geo-fence.
  • Employee Monitoring: Once the Geo-fences are created for the locations where the employees are placed or posted, one can easily identify if the employees in the field are at the designated location or have moved elsewhere. Even attendance monitoring of the field force can be maintained using a GPS Personal Tracker and Geofencing applications.
  • Target Marketing: Marketing messages using Geo-fence is the trend. One can easily locate a prospective customer visiting a particular area from the Geo-fence application. Once the prospective customer is identified targeted communication can be sent to prospect. At the same time, marketing communication can be targeted using Geo-fence applications in social media where the prospects from a particular city, or a particular state can be targeted for marketing communications.
  • Anti-theft Applications: Geo-fence has a huge usage in the anti-theft applications. Whenever the vehicle, be it a bike or a car, leaves a Geo-fence, which can be your home, or garage or office, you would get an immediate alert. Till the time the vehicle is inside the Geofence, the vehicle is safe.

Using Geofence, you can get better data, you are better informed about your near and dear ones, your assets. You can improve the engagement with your prospective and current clients. You can achieve improved RoI (return on investment) when you can control your costs of advertisements based on locations. You can also improve the efficiency of your people and assets, by the simple usages of Geo-fences.